Personal Injury

At Shultz Law Office, P.A., we approach personal injury cases differently than many firms. We do not handle a large volume of cases, and we do not accept every type of case that comes through our doors. We don’t need or want to accept every type of case. Rather, we select a very limited number out of the dozens of calls we receive every week for representation. We limit our practice to serious injury, accidents and wrongful death cases throughout Kansas. Thus, if your case passes our strict standards for representation, we can assure you that you will get the personal attention of one of the attorneys in our firm. Because we only take a limited number of cases, we are able to be straight forward and dedicated to your representation. We are able to give each client as much attention to the case as possible and we believe fewer cases translates to better results.

Similarly, during our case selection process, we will be up-front and straight forward with you as to whether we think you a case. If we you do not have a claim, we will tell you. If we think you are better off dealing with the insurance company yourself, we will tell you. However, once your case passes our strict selection process, we will devote our resources to getting you the best and most just result possible.

We are not out for the quick result. We focus on getting the best result. In many of our cases, however, our intensive preparation allows us to settle the matter without going to trial. But if the insurance company is being unfair and trial is necessary, we have a reputation of success in the courtroom. We enjoy trial. We enjoy taking cases to trial. And we believe that attitude provides better results both in trial and through settlement.