Civil Litigation

At Shultz Law Office we have handled a wide range of civil matters for both plaintiff and defendant businesses and individuals in the commercial world. Our business litigation experience includes: insurance litigation, breach of contract, contract disputes, construction litigation, partnership litigation, business association litigation, aviation law, employment, debtor-creditor matters, real estate matters, consumer law, and civil rights.

Even though most civil matters settle, we prepare every case like we will be going to trial. Unlike many other firms, the process of preparing for trial does not mean wasting your money on irrelevant discovery. In fact, we are so confident in our approach to litigation, we will often share the risks and rewards with our client.

At Shultz Law Office we are very open to alternative types of fee arrangements, in the appropriate cases. In some situations, a flat fee is the best structure for our client. In others, we explore contingency fee arrangements, and we win only when the client wins. In those cases, we are richly rewarded for success and we are under compensated, or not compensated at all, if we under perform. We believe the contingency fee is an efficient approach to litigation and allows us to develop an effective and efficient litigation structure that leads to better results at lower cost. Even in those cases where we do not do an alternative fee arrangements and our clients prefer to hire us by the hour, we believe the lessons we learned from other types of cases have led us to an efficient model for litigation and benefits even hourly paying clients.

To that end, while we diligently prepare every case as if we are going to trial, we limit discovery and depositions to those that are essential. Some discovery is just wasteful, and we believe asking the all the right questions is more important than asking every question. We try to work cooperatively with litigation opponents on discovery, as that is a way to minimize costs and time involved in litigation. But, make no mistake, when we must go to trial, we relish that opportunity and are thoroughly prepared.